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How Raila will spend Sh0.5 Trillion Pension

The government is seeking to adjust upwards pension funds paid to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka.

In the new planned adjustment, the two will get up to Sh594 million.

The two leaders have been allocated Sh200 million each in gratuity as former Prime Minister and former Vice President respectively.

Here is the breakdown of Raila’s pension.

1. Annual pesnion – Sh25 million each

2. Utilities – Sh1.2 million

3. Communication – Sh1.2 million

4. Domestic travel – Sh4.8 million

5. Printing – Sh 75,000

6. Rent – Sh10 million for rent.

7. Routine maintenance – Sh1.5 million for routine maintenance.

8. Hospitality – Sh4.1 million

9. New vehicle purchase – Sh15 million

10. Fuel – Sh2.5 million

Kalonzo’s new budget

Kalonzo has been allocated Sh1.4 million for utilities—water and electricity supplies.

Another Sh1.5 million is proposed for communication services; Sh6.5 million for domestic travel, subsistence and other transportation costs.

The State would also cater for the former Vice President’s rent at Sh10 million; Sh150,000 for meeting training expenses; Sh5.5 million for hospitality—to entertain guests, and Sh1.5 million for office supplies.

Kalonzo’s budget for fuel has also been increased by Sh1 million up from Sh1.5 million that was allocated in the budget for this year.

He is also set for a benefit of Sh1.5 million for routine maintenance of other assets. The Wiper leader’s budget for purchase of vehicles has, however, been reduced to Sh5.1 million.

Budget records show that payment and administration of retired presidents’ benefits have cost the taxpayer above Sh5 billion for the past five years.

A review of spending from 2015 to 2020 showed that more than Sh2.3 billion has gone into administrative costs expended by the headquarters.


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