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Former Chief Justice David Maraga.
Former Chief Justice David Maraga.

Kenyans to pay Sh58 million for hiring next CJ

Kenyans will part with about Sh57.9 million to facilitate the hiring of the next Chief Justice. 

The amount was revealed by the Treasury that issued an adjusted downwards budget of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to Sh518.5 million under the supplementary budget.

The Treasury allocated JSC, the judges’ and magistrates’ employer, Sh576.4 million in the financial year 2020/21.

“This reflects a decrease of Sh57.9 million on account of budget rationalisation and reallocation in order to cater for expenditure shortfall required to cater for the process of recruiting the Chief Justice, succession management and payment of carry over pending bills,” Ukur Yatani, the Treasury Cabinet Secretary, said in the mini-budget.

The Treasury slashed Sh33.28 million from JSC’s budget on Administration and Judicial Services as well as Sh24.6 million from Judicial Training vote to secure the Sh57.9 million.

The JSC on January 17 kicked off the search for the successor of CJ David Maraga, who retired on January 11 following attainment of the mandatory age of 70.

The next CJ will be the third after the promulgation of the constitution and will be earning a salary of between Sh900,000 and Sh1,327,888.

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