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The Nairobi Commuter Rail System Bus

NMS unveils first 3 stations for Commuter Rail System

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services management has issued the latest update on the upcoming Commuter Rail System. The system is part of NMS  plans to revolutionize the Nairobi’s transport system aimed at decongesting the city.

In a Facebook post, NMS stated that the upcoming Commuter Rail System will focus on helping Nairobians save time and money while moving around the city and it environs.

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Notably, NMS stated that the upcoming system will have stations at the Central Railway Station from various routes,  Athi River,  Ruiru, and Kikuyu. The statement added that more routes will be added with the goal of integrating the BRT system.

NMS also shared one of the buses that will be part of the Commuter Rail System.  According to NMS, 

“The Bus below and tens of others will from this  Month  ferry you across the city after you alight where Matatus have been designated to park outside CBD as we decongest the city.”

For years, the Nairobi transport sector has been a hot topic among stakeholders. The government has been keen on decongesting but matatu owners view the move bad for business. 

Speaking during a recent appearance before the National Assembly’s Committee on Administration and National Security  NMS Director-General Mohammed Badi disclosed that there are plans to bar matatu’s from the CBD by November. 

In the proposed plan, matatus plying Jogoo Road and Haile Selassie Avenue will terminate their journey at Muthurwa, while those using Mombasa and Langata roads will use the Railway Golf land along Uhuru Highway.

Matatus using the Thika Superhighway will terminate their journey at the newly completed Ngara and Parklands termini.

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