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Ruto Nyanza support

Ruto gets massive boost with key support from Raila’s backyard

Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid continues to gather momentum receiving support from different quarters of the country.

Ruto has recently appeared to change tact and focus on garnering support from regions considered as ODM leader Raila Odinga’s strongholds. 

Over the weekend, the DP was in Bungoma county where he continued his ‘hustler’ narrative to win more votes.

During the event, Ruto received endorsements from different quarters and notably from Raila’s back yard. 

Youth from the former Nyanza region, attended the rally where they pledged support for the leader terming him a transformative candidate.

The move highlights the changing tides in the Kenyan political scene where Raila has continued to lose support from his former lieutenants. 

Ruto is keen to get support from Nyanza and Kisii has been his main focus. 

Before the Bungoma meeting, Ruto and his allies were calling for the dissolution of parliament as directed by Chief Justice David Maraga over failure to meet the gender rule.

“We must respect each other even when we have different opinions. The respect must cut across to all; the Judiciary is not exempted. No amount of intimidation will prevent us from achieving our goals. We no longer live in an era where decisions regarding the affairs of the country are a preserve of a few,” said Ruto in Bumala, Bungoma County.

Additionally, Ruto also poke holes in the Uhuru-Rail handshake. 

“You also pride in godfathers. But we are the people, the Hustler Nation, and we have God the father. Please, let us have a decent conversation, that’s all we are asking,” Ruto tweeted.

Ruto has maintained the ‘deep state’ is out to scuttle his presidential bid. 

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