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Kenyans Interest in Coronavirus Content Drops by 93% as Cases Soar

Data gathered by Data Hom shows the Kenyans interest in coronavirus related content has declined by at least 93% between the last week of March and the first week of August. Based on queries logged in the search engine Google the searches peaked during the Week of March 22 -28 with the maximum popularity score of 100. 

The decline in searches began during the first week of April with a popularity score of 79, a drop of 21%. By the second week of April, the interest continued to drop with a score of 61. The downward trajectory continued until the week of July 12 – July 19 with a popularity score of 10. The figure slightly increased by 20% the following week to 12. During the week of August 2- August 8, the figure representing the searches had plunged with a popularity score of 7. 

Interestingly, the interest continues to decline as the number of Coronavirus cases continues to soar across the country. An overview of the data shows that the searches spiked by a massive 9800% during the last week of January and the third of the week of March. During this period, the virus was spreading globally with little information about the origin. 

Meru residents more interested in Covid-19 content

Our research also highlights Kenyan towns where people are more interested. Meru leads the way with a popularity score of 100 followed by Kitale at 96. Elsewhere, Nakuru is third with a score of 93 followed by Kiambu and Kisii which have a score of 90 both. Notably, Nairobi which the virus hotspot in the country comes a distant sixth with a popularity score of 86. 

Currently, Kenya has confirmed a total of 26,928 cases, with 423 deaths. The number of recoveries currently stands at 13,495 with active cases standing at 13,010

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