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Here are the top Kenyan Banks

The Kenyan banking industry has several facilities. Not all these facilities operate on the same scale. As a result, the Central Bank of Kenya usually categorizes banks based on various factors. CBK usually checks a bank’s net assets, customer deposits, capital and reserves, number of deposit accounts and number of loan accounts.

If a bank scores an average of five per cent and above, it is considered as a large bank. When banks score between one and five percent, it is classified as a medium bank. If a bank scores below one percent, that is a small bank.

Here is a list of the largest to the smallest commercial banks in Kenya based on the percentage of the market that they control.

Large Banks

According to a report released by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) in 2018, nine commercial banks in Kenya control the market. They are therefore considered as large because together, they control 70.28 per cent of the market.

They include:

  • KCB Bank Kenya Ltd
  • Equity Bank Kenya Ltd
  • The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd
  • Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd
  • Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ltd
  • Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited
  • Stanbic Bank Kenya Ltd
  • Commercial Bank of Africa Limited
  • I & M Bank Ltd

Medium Banks

According to the CBK bank supervision annual report 2018, there are 10 medium commercial banks in Kenya. Combined, they control 21.22 percent of the market.

They include:

  • NIC Bank PLC
  • Bank of Baroda (Kenya) Limited
  • Prime Bank Ltd
  • National Bank of Kenya Ltd
  • Citibank N.A. Kenya
  • Bank of India
  • Family Bank Ltd
  • SBM Bank Kenya Ltd
  • HFC Ltd
  • Ecobank Kenya Ltd

Small Banks

The 2018 CBK report further indicated that there were 21 small commercial banks in Kenya. These banks have an 8.50 percent market share.

They include:

  • Bank of Africa (K) Ltd
  • Victoria Commercial Bank Limited
  • Gulf African Bank Ltd
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Ltd
  • African Banking Corporation Ltd
  • Sidian Bank Ltd
  • Habib Bank AG Zurich
  • Credit Bank Ltd
  • Guardian Bank Limited
  • First Community Bank Ltd
  • UBA Kenya Bank Ltd
  • Development Bank of Kenya Ltd
  • M-Oriental Commercial Bank Ltd
  • Transnational Bank Limited
  • Consolidated Bank of Kenya Limited
  • Paramount Bank Ltd
  • Jamii Bora Bank Ltd
  • Mayfair Bank Ltd
  • DIB Bank Kenya Ltd
  • Middle East Bank (K) Ltd
  • Spire Bank Limited
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