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Are These Nairobi’s Best Matatu Saccos

Nairobi roads are dominated by various matatus belonging to different Saccos. Each route has at least two Saccos that serves various needs of users. On the roads, you will find matatus for the old and young. This matatu’s come with different fare rates. Some have a good reputation while others are always in bad books for reasons like a rogue crew and unregulated fare hikes.

But how do these matatus fare against each other in terms of service delivery to city commuters? DataHom.com has surveyed and determined the best Nairobi matatu’s. Here are the results.

Super Metro (Town- Juja -Kikuyu) 

You know what they say, Super Metro is a cult. The most classy matatu plying Waiyaki Way and Thika Road. The crew is polite and very organized. Super Metro is among the most disciplined crew in Nairobi. Rarely do these matatus cause accidents. 

Super Metro enjoys the benefits of customer loyalty. Despite many matatus plying the Juja and Kikuyu routes, you will find customers on long queues patiently waiting for the next Super Metro bus. No doubt this is the best Matatu in Nairobi. 

Integrity Intercity (Town-Ngumba)

Integrity intercity is little known matatu Sacco formerly known as Teachers Transporters. This Sacco has constant fares come rain come sunshine. All you need is 60/=.

The crew is very friendly and there are no cases of theft when using these matatus. The crew is polite and always readily available to offer help. In case of any crew misconduct, you can report to the heads and be sure action will be taken.

Zuri (Town-RoySambu-Mirema-Kahawa)

 Zuri is among the best matatus to ply Thika Road and the entire Nairobi. Their matatus are clean the conductors are disciplined and they also display admirable work ethics. The Sacco has no reputation for causing road accidents and the conductors always make sure you get your change before alighting.

ROG (Buru Buru- Outering-Town)

River of God understands the value of passengers. The crew showcases discipline and there is an understanding of the true meaning of good customer service.

The touts are polite and don’t harass passengers to get on board. Also, the music they play inside the matatus is not so loud and permits conversion with other passengers or callers on the phone. This is a rare gem of matatus in Nairobi.

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MSL (Kasarani-Town)

For MSL, there is always a long queue of passengers waiting for the next available matatu, yet right across the road touts of matatus from a different Sacco plying the same route are shouting themselves hoarse calling for passengers.

MSL has rare cases of theft of property. Some passengers have come forward to state that they once recovered their phones from the crew. This is stand out Sacco in Nairobi.

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