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Club 1824 Viral Partying Video Forces Corona Team to React (Video)

Following the partial reopening of restaurants and entertainment joints, Kenyans did not waste time going back to their former lives. 

On Tuesday, a video went viral showing Kenyans have a good time at club 1824 along Langata road in Nairobi.

In the video, Kenyans who were drinking and dancing did not observe the social distancing regulations set by the government in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

The government ordered the reopening but under strict conditions. It is worth noting Langata has been one of the most impacted places in Nairobi with the pandemic. 

Following the video. The National Emergency Response for the Coronavirus reacted by warning Kenyans.

Through Twitter, the team pointed out that the video was enough evidence of why Langata is still experiencing high cases of the virus. The team further called out the club owners for opening the facility without following government guidelines. 

At the same, the team tagged the investigative department to look into the issue. 

“No one should be surprised why we have cases rising in Langata. Our young people have decided not to follow the Government guidelines. And obviously, a greedy Kenyan who does not care whether people contract the disease or not,” read the tweet.

Kenyans who reacted to the video pointed out that the government should not complain since it gave the directive to reopen entertainment joints. 

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