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Nairobi Traffic Update Searches Surge By 60% As People Resume Work

Data obtained by Datahom.com indicates that the number of Nairobi residents searching for traffic updates has been increasing over the last three weeks. From the data, the interest has been increasing for the third straight week as of May 30th as Kenyans continue going back to normal life amid Coronavirus pandemic.

Based on the Google Trends platform, during the week of May 10 – May 16, the phrase traffic had a popularity score of 23. A week later the term had a score of 28. Between the week of May 24 – May, the term score increased by 32.14% to 37. Between the three weeks, the interest witnessed a growth of 60%.

The data further shows that the interest in traffic updates for this year was at its peak during the week of Feb 23 – Feb 29 when the popularity score stood at 61. The lowest score was recorded between April 26 and May 2 with a popularity score of 23.

Notably, all the searches originated from Nairobi with a popularity score of 100 on the Google Trend platform. Most of the queries originated from Thika Road users.

The decline in traffic searches emerged after the government encouraged people to work home as a measure of controlling the Coronavirus spread. The government later imposed a curfew that was meant to keep people at home.

From the overviewed data, it shows that Kenyans are back to their normal lives even though none of the measures put in place to control the spread of Covid-19 are yet to be lifted. The government is expected to announce the latest development regarding the Coronavirus control measures on June 6th.

Notably, with Kenyans appearing to resume normal lives, cases of Coronavirus have been on the increase to hit almost 2000. In a previous address, health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe pointed out that public transport was now a key focus in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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