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Kenyan Interest in Online Churches Grows By 150%, CITAM Takes Lead

The interest of Kenyans in online churches has significantly spiked in recent months based on queries logged in search engine Google. Data gathered by DataHom.com shows that between the first week of January to May 14th, the interest has grown by 150%.

Based on Google search popularity scores, the phrase online church had a score of 100, which is a growth of 150% from 40 recorded in January. Between the first week of January and mid-March this year, Kenyans interest remained relatively low. According to popularity scores, during this period, the highest volume was during the week of February 2- 8 at 27.

There was a notable spike in searches during the week of March 22-28 when the score stood at 79. By April 5-11, the searches slightly grew to 80 before dropping by 41% during the week of April 19-25. A week later, the popularity score grew to 64. The then grew 56% to 100.

The spike in searches can be linked to the coronavirus outbreak that forced people to stay at home as they observed social distancing practices. The government banned large group gatherings as a means of curbing the spread.

The current crisis has accelerated the demand for online church attendance with many entities leveraging on existing tools like Facebook and YouTube live. Many people are opting for online churches because they give them room to follow the summon anytime as opposed to physical attendance.

Citam Church Online

Health experts are warning that physical churches might be a thing of the past as crowd gathering may not be allowed anytime soon.

Among the most popular churches is Citam. The data also overviewed the number of interests related to Citam Church online. According to the data, from January to March 14th, the interest in Citam church online grew by a staggering 9900%.

Interest in Citam Church online

Despite showing some fluctuations, the growth in the searches related to Citam spiked from March this year. A period that correlates with an increase in the number of Coronavirus cases in the country.

Currently, Citam has several branches across the country which are now offering summons through online platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Furthermore, Kenyans are also able to access online churches from international entities.

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