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Android Market Share In Kenya Drops For 3rd Straight Month

Data obtained by Datahom.com shows that the market share Android Operating System in Kenya dropped during the last three months of 2019. The data shows that the android’s market share steadily dropped from September to December. 

In September the android market share stood at 85.05%, which slightly dropped to 84.6% in October. By November the market share was 84.38% and by December, the figure stood at 84.05%. 

Notably, the market share for android in Kenya had been rising steadily since January 2018 when the share stood at 74..63% before the recent drop. On average the android market share in Kenya stood at about 80% over the past two years.

An overview of the data also shows that the market share of iOS in Kenya has been on the rise in the last two years. At the start of 2019, the iOS market share stood at 1.42%. By the end of 2019, the market share had more than doubled to 3.26%. Notably, the highest share of iOS was in July 2019 when it stood at 4.01%

The market share for other Operating systems in the country has also been declining greatly. The other OS entails Windows and feature phones commonly known as ‘mulika mwizi or kabambe’. At the start of 2018, these phones had a market share of 23.95% which has dropped to 12.69% by December 2019. 

In general, android has the largest market share in Africa. By December 2019, Android had a share of 83.78% followed by iOS at 11.28%while other Operating Systems entailing Windows and feature phones stood at 4.94%. 

Android’s highest market share in Africa stood at 85.88% in October 2019. During this period Africa’s iOS share stood at 8.84% while other Operating systems had a market share of 5.28%. 

Tecno Controls Almost Half of Kenyan Market

It is no surprise that android has the leading market share in both Africa and Kenya considering that most mobile phone manufacturers use the OS on their phones. For example, in 2019 Tecno was the most popular mobile brand in Kenya with a market share of 44%. Data by Datacom shows that Samsung is the second-largest phone brand in Kenya at 14% while Huawei comes third at 9%. 

Secondly, Android is popular in Kenya because android phones come in all price ranges unlike iOS, which is largely expensive.

This is particularly important for countries with developing economies and a weak dollar exchange rate, where even Apple’s most affordable smartphone is still out of the budget for a majority of people in Africa.

Furthermore, despite  Apple opening its iOS ecosystem to include some third-party devices, android already has a high compatibility rate. 

This means you can have a Samsung smartwatch, a Google Home speaker, and a Huawei smartphone, and the different devices will work together. Furthermore, transferring data and syncing devices is easier. 

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