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Kenya Has The 3rd Highest TikTok Downloads Globally with 68% Average Growth Rate

Kenyan TikTok users continue to grow on both Android and iOS platforms. Data compiled by DataHom.com shows that in March 2020, Kenyan Google Play and Apple store TikTok downloads were third globally with an average percentage growth of 68.2%.

The data shows that the country with the highest growth of TikTok downloads from the Google Play store is Venezuela at 64% while Nigeria has 47%. Kenya occupies the third spot at 37.4%. Egypt comes fourth at 36.6% while Argentina closes the top five categories at 26.5%. Venezuelan Android users downloaded TikTok a total of 545,800 thousand times during the measured period.

On the other hand, the Netherlands is sixth with 19.5% with France following at 14%. Belgium, Chile, Pakistan at 9%, 8.9%, and 7.2% respectively. 

The global number of monthly iOS TikTok downloads amounted to 14.7 million with Nigeria showing the highest growth rate at 319.3%. On the other hand, Egypt had the second-highest growth at 108.2% followed by Kenya at 99%. Closely in the fourth place in South Africa with a growth rate of 76.5% while Brazil closes the fifth spot at 45.8%.

Other countries with a high growth rate include France (28.1%), Poland (27.6%), Sri Lanka (26.5%), Germany (16.5%), and Spain (15.6%).

TikTok is a fast-rising social media platform that enjoys at least 800 million monthly active users globally. Some of the leading global markets for TikTok include India which enjoys 119 million active users and China which has 400 million active monthly users. 

TikTok is an iOS and Android app that can be used for creating and sharing short videos. On android, TikTok currently has four versions of the application available in different countries. The service is available in over 150 countries with support for about 75 languages globally.

TikTok competing with top social media platforms

The TikTok target audience was teenagers. Currently, the platform is competing for other leading social media platforms like Instagram. The platform is attractive to users because it is geared towards content creators, while Instagram is geared more towards the general social media public image.

As a setback, TikTok’s growth might be curtailed due to possible censorship from the United States. There are concerns regarding TikTok’s censorship, data privacy, and brand safety.  It is worth noting that TikTok is a product of a Chinese company ByteDance.

Generally, TikTok’s growth across the globe continues to surprise many. The latest data indicates that during the first quarter of 2020, the platform recorded an all-time high number of downloads at 200 million, a growth of 28.20% from the fourth quarter of 2019 when the app downloads were 156 million.

With TikTok’s growth, notable leading brands are coming on board as a possible marketing platform. For example, Sony Pictures, Paramount, Clarins, Pull & Bear, Adidas, Nike, and Samsung have established a TikTok presence in recent months.

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